7 Reasons Why Teenagers Take A Taxi

Till recently, I thought teenagers fall in the age group of 13-15. But, my friend and boss asked me to google it and I then realized my folly that the upper limit of the teenage is 19, nine-teen. Not to blow my own trumpet, I thought I was an adult by mid-high school. When I was in my teens, the taxi revolution had not yet started. Today, they seem to be everywhere. And by ‘they’ I mean teens and taxis. So, what do you think when would a teen take a taxi? Or, would you have taken a taxi in these situations when you were in your teens? Well, let’s find out.

1.Why would I Take Taxi?

To avoid all the mess out there on the street and firstly to protect your self and to be on time to your destination.

2.Rush back home when parents arrive before they were excepted!

Be always at home before your parents now that you were out.

3.Pick Up a Date.

Be always on time on your date.

4.Daddy wont give me his car

No need to depend on daddy’s car anymore. You have Us – Guardian Taxi to take you to your party time.

5.To show off in front of your college and the girl you are afraid to talk to

Anyone, somewhere, someday want to be important and to show off in front of his friends.

6.Safe money and stay safe

Travel with safety and earn your money, but still, be a gentlemen/lady.

7.Somehow I always wanted to get in a Taxi and Yell: Follow That Car!!

We all have desires and our little world. Let’s make this wish come True!